Conner Dailey Physics graduate student, hobby photographer


Reflecting boundary conditions in numerical relativity as a model for black hole echoes

In this paper we implement a reflecting surface outside of a black hole in an effort to model black hole echoes.

Quantum sensor networks as exotic field telescopes for multi-messenger astronomy

In this paper, we outline a new sensing modality for networks of precision measurement devices, like the GPS and GNOME networks. We show that these networks could be sensitive to exotic fields sourced by high-energy astrophysical events, such as binary black hole mergers or neutron star mergers.

Probing exotic fields with networks of atomic clocks

This is my Master's Thesis, where I describe a novel concept involving pulses of exotic fields sourced from known high-energy astrophysical events such as gravitational wave events. If detected, these exotic fields could add networks of quantum precision measurement sensors to the list of messengers for multimessenger astronomy.

Search for transient ultralight dark matter signatures with networks of precision measurement devices using a Bayesian statistics method

In this paper our group describes a method to improve the limits set by our previous work. We plan to constrain the dark matter coupling to the global positioning system using a model dependent Bayesian statistics method. This will improve our limits by two orders of magnitude.

Search for domain wall dark matter with atomic clocks on board global positioning system satellites

In this paper our group sets initial limits on the interaction of dark matter with the global positioning system's network of atomic clocks. This represents a many orders of magnitude improvement on previous experiments.